Monday, May 21, 2012

Tweet-versation on Marxism & Factionalism

What follows is a conversation I had with @Thomas_Gardiner on twitter. @RadicalLeftist is me. I hope that this contributes toyour own understanding of Marx!
Me:Understanding Marx's philosophical background in general is ESSENTIAL to having an in-depth understanding of Marx
Gardiner:indeed, a sole focus on historical materialism without understanding how it ties to radical democratic humanism is misguided
Me:True, but...another mistake that has been made - which is the opposite of the 1 u pointed out - is 2 equate #Marxism wit it(humanism)
Gardiner:1 thing I've learned is tht Marxism's doomed unless we all end the factionalism over differentiations in personal philosophy
Me:What we all need 2 realize is that only Marx knew what Marx went. What we call Marxism is only an interpretation.
Gardiner:yep, and therein lies the way to greater cooperation between different Marxist factions

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